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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why do I always stay with Israel Vacation Homes?

We would like to share with you 5 main reasons from our returning guests…….

1- “Now with all the ‘Airbnb’ apartments, staying with ‘Israel Vacation Homes’ is RISK FREE! They
      are always there, clean and ready for us to arrive” (Guest from the UK. Has stayed with IVH 6
      times since 2008)

2- “Israel Vacation Homes’ apartments are located in the PERFECT spot; right by the beach.
     Though not a beach apartment, it is across the street from the beach surrounded also by
     convenience stores and coffee shops!” (Guest from NJ, USA. Has stayed with IVH 3 times since 2010)

3- “The apartments have everything we need, and they are not overly ELEGANT or too FANCY, I
      feel so comfortable staying here with my 3 kids” (Guest from Montreal, Canada has stayed with
     IVH 4 times since 2009)

4- “Reservation process and service representatives are so professional and courteous.”(Guest
     from UK. Has stayed with IVH 2 times since 2015)

5- “Our stays, in the ‘Israel Vacation Homes’ apartments, have become our best family vacations. The BEST location, the BEST apartments and the BEST service”(Guests from the Netherlands have stayed with IVH 5 times since 2010)

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  1. My husband and I very much agree with the Airbnb comments here! We had a terrible experience in the past and we definitely prefer the private vacation apartment feeling. At Israel Vacation Homes, we enjoy having a private vacation apartment feeling from a real company. We have stayed twice and plan on returning this Summer!