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Friday, December 9, 2011

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Frauds and Internet Scams are on the rise...

Together with the great advantages of the fast growing Internet business, as in any other industry, the amount of frauds and scams on the Internet is on the rise.

The vacation apartment’s rentals, in particular, have benefited significantly from the Internet commerce, and therefore is also one of the industries very prunes to delinquency.   

As a professional vacation apartment company and as an honest user of the Internet services, we feel it is our obligation to help increase the awareness and the caution of those innocent users, to assist them in NOT becoming the next victims for those frauds.

Recently we have encountered some incidences, in which scammers have offered apartments that they do not own or market they provided the victims with their bank account information or address and once the money for the reservation arrives, they just easily disappear….

In many cases, the scammers are manipulative and they use FREE advertising portals, in which they just use other websites link CLAIMING they  are making the reservation for their clients!!!

In general, some tips to avoid scams and Fraud when reserving an apartment:
  • When finding an apartment on website that are FREE for advertisers (such as Craig’s list)  be over cautious!!! Get a phone number, check that the websites advertised really fit the person information etc.  AND ask if someone you know who lives next by, can check the apartment for you or check the reservation office.  
  • When a provider or Marketer on the Internet is pushing you to “close” the deal ON the spot- be a little “suspicious”…ask for cancellation policy, ask for referrals etc.
  • Some little details such as company logo, company documents, forms and agreements, can be a good judgment for avoiding dealing with scammers.  If documents, procedures and communication are done appropriately and professionally there are less chances this is a fraud or a scam.  
  • IF YOU DO become a victim of a fraud, or heard about a scam, PLEASE be responsible enough to report it online.   There are many websites where you can just post the story to AVOID it from happening again to someone else.!!
Here are some links to websites discussing frauds and scammers for vacation rentals!!!