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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Passover!

To Our Dear Friends and Guests,

Just wanted to share with you and make you aware…..

Every year during Passover season we have no availability to rent out our apartments (most of our Passover reservations have been processed from over 10 months in advance!!!) and we continue to receive many inquiries from guests as well as guests’ friends for availability during Passover. In many cases we are being asked to help find several alternatives, i.e. to recommend or to send links to other apartments that may be available. 

We are very knowledgeable in the vacation apartment market. We are continuously educating ourselves on other apartments offered in order to update and improve our services.

Recently, we have been facing a rapid increase in the number of vacation apartments offered in Israel.   There are many privately owned apartments that are widely advertised on the internet (as the online advertisement can be relatively unrestrained or even free) that have been mushroomed in the past few years.  Hence, we feel that we would like to share with you some of the feedback that we have been receiving from other apartments. In this briefing we also hope to give you some useful tips when selecting your next vacation apartment in Israel. 

- Some of these apartments were renovated by their Owner, dividing bigger apartments into a few smaller apartments. These units are being rented while the Owner lives on site. In some cases these apartments are not legally created and do not have the proper occupancy documentation. 

- Although some of the apartments have been renovated and internally redesigned the buildings where they are located are frequently poorly maintained.  It is also important to check that there is an elevator in the building, as it can be very inconvenient to carry the luggage for your trip using a walk up building facility.

- Even if payment is due upon arrival and not in advance as most companies require, it can be very frustrating to find out that the apartment you were promised is not as expected. It can be almost impossible to find an alternative on the spot, especially when travelling with kids.  

- In case there is a malfunction with an appliance or an urgent repair required in the apartment during your stay, companies usually have maintenance arrangements on site. Also, companies  are more prepared than Private Owners to resolve the issues more promptly. 

Whether renting vacation apartments from either a company like us or from individual owners, always check for feedback and ask for recommendations from guests who have stayed in the apartment.

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