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Monday, July 9, 2012

Advantages of Private Owned Vacation Apartments VS. Hotels

I believe there are many advantages when choosing to stay at privately owned vacation apartments vs. Hotels. Below, are a few examples and points of my personal experiences in the travel industry.

Many travelers desire to stay in a much larger space during their vacation, such as a duplex apartment as compared to an average sized hotel room. With a larger space, families with children can stay in a comfortable setting. Many guests benefit from their large space, by hosting a dinner event for their family members and friends.

A lot of private owned vacation apartments include a fully equipped kitchen. Some items include a stove, refrigerator, oven, plates/utensils, dishwasher and sink. With these appliances available, guests can make their own meals instead of spending money at a local restaurant a few times a day.

Regarding costs and discounts, private vacation rentals offer nightly discounted rates. Many offer a discount on 7 nights or more and monthly discounts which hotels might not offer to their guests.

Some hotel amenities require an additional cost in addition to the nightly rate. Private vacation rentals offer free incentives such as parking, high chairs, foldaway cots, wire and wireless internet and highchairs.

These are just some of my examples from my experience. We would love to hear about your vacation experiences and why you prefer privately owned vacation rentals! Reply with your thoughts and views on Private owned vacation apartments vs. Hotels!