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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More and More travelers around the world chose vacations apartments rather than staying in Hotels.  The many advantages of staying in a cozier place rather than usually cramped and expensive hotel have created a rapidly growing market of vacation apartments around the world.  Vacation apartments can be any type of unit:  a home, a cottage or cabin, a condo or apartments, or villa.  They are self catering furnished, short terms rentals and usually have kitchens or kitchenette so that you can cook your meals. They are rented to only one party of guests at a time, like a family or a group of friends. Sometimes have extra amenities like a yard, a hot tub, or a private beachfront. Travelers bring their own personal stuff like toiletries (although most vacation rentals have at least a small supply of toilet paper, tissues, soap, etc. to get you started) and shop for their own food. Laundry facilities are often provided or available at a short proximity because there's no daily housekeeping, unless you arrange for it. The whole self-catering concept of vacation rentals helps to give travelers a sense of having a comfortable home-away-from-home.
Vacation rentals can be located in the heart of Metropolitan areas, to small peripheral towns or rural areas next to nature site or other natural attractions.    They can be privately owned properties or in some cases belong to a management agency a other company.

Although the ADVANTAGES for renting an apartment are notable:

  • The "home away from home" concept and the opportunity to live within the local community while on holidays.
  • The freedom and flexibility to prepare your own meals whenever you like, rather than having to get dressed up and go out to find a restaurant - especially for families with kids...who like they own cereal, bread, etc....
  • Can keep your group of family together in one rental unit rather than spread across two or more hotel rooms.
  • More suitable for children to have their own room, bed during the vacation period..
  • Can have some guests over. 
There are also some concerns when choosing to rent an apartment from a Private owner:
·         You don’t really know what to expect, most hotel rooms are pretty standard and you can reasonably know what to expect, with most private apartments you need to trust web images.
·         Reservation procedures and cancellation policies of a hotel are more standard and clear.  Cancellations policies for privately owned unit are VERY rigid as cancellations affect single-unit rentals much more profoundly than a hotel with a few rooms.
·         Privately owned apartments usually lack the amenities like room service or restaurants close by, they have no service or maintenance and no housekeeping.
·          If an immediate attention is required or you have a question or a problem in most privately owned apartments you have no one to ask and no front desk or the concierge for assistance.
·         If an unexpected problem occurs such as a leak, broken furniture or amenity and you need to use another apartment it will be almost impossible to rent something near by in such a short notice.

Taking in considerations the advantages and the concerns of renting vacation apartments rather than hotel room, the IDEAL VACATION apartments are those owned and managed by small companies or individual; Having a few apartments managed by a company or a private owner, can let you enjoy the BOTH worldsstaying in a cozy apartment while having the security and convenience of a well organized vacation apartments.   


  1. Oh yeah, you are totally right! I know lot's of my friends ended up paying more or disappointed by renting from a private person or a sublet. at the end of the day, it might cost you less, but you might end up being stung by someone... I always rent apartments, as i prefer them on a hotel room, but really prefer working with companies i can trust. I can't wait to go to Israel already! The sun and the fun! See you in April!

  2. By renting a vacation apartment, I feel at home in a beautiful apartment as compared to an average size hotel room(s) with less features. I myself enjoy a big fully equipped kitchen and my family enjoys home cooked breakfast daily instead of having to leave the apartment to purchase food. Very convenient! Another point is that for those traveling with 6+ guests, you can rent one apartment instead of a few hotel rooms which saves A LOT of money and you will enjoy your time all together. I look forward to my vacation during Passover in Israel (we visit every year) and enjoy the holiday in a huge apartment I feel is like our own home.